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Silk Flute Swab
Silk Flute Swab
Our Price: $8.99

Hodge Silk Swabs are premium swabs made from 100% silk for removing moisture from woodwind instruments after each use. Hodge uses silk because it is absorbent, lint free and compressible. They do not leave lint in the keys. They are not stored inside the instrument so the moisture does not remain. Hodge swabs are regularly recommended by repairmen for optimum care of your instrument. The silk flute swabs are great for any level of flutist. They are soft enough for polishing the instrument and absorbent enough to soak up the water when swabbing the inside of the instrument. Simply thread through the end of any cleaning rod.
Superslick Flute Care Kit
Superslick Flute Care Kit
Our Price: $13.99

This fantastic Superslick Flute care kit is a brilliant little budget package that includes a selection of handy care and maintenance essentials.
Contents: Key Oil Keywork Brush 3 X Body Pull Throughs Headjoint Swab Silver Polishing Cloth
König & Meyer Flute Stand
K├Ânig & Meyer Flute Stand
Our Price: $20.99

A well priced and very functional Flute stand from the experts Konig & Meyer. Manufactured in Germany to a very high standard, this is a recommended stand!

Top quality construction
Combination plastic / wooden peg is approx 18mm in diameter
Feet retract into base for compact storage
Protective rubber end-pieces on feet